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Three reasons why creative enterprises are located in London

Creative industries are an important contribution to the UK economy in this day and age. Most of these companies and corporations – new and old – choose to be in London.

These ambitious companies have different motivations to be in the capital. However, it is worth looking at some of these things if you want to go forward. If you are responsible for the organisation within the creative industries, then it may be worth the risk of being in London. If you cant afford a real office a virtual office in London could be suitable, however you should consider the following points if you’re considering a decision of this type:

Network capabilities are necessary

You will not get far without all kinds of networking opportunities. If you decide to use a serviced office in London, then there are plenty of them to choose from. It is important to carefully think about the office location you intend to rent however, as some districts of London has many large network of high quality, but for high prices too.

Meetings are significant

Informal meeting places, such as restaurants, bars and hotels may be crucial for the development of your team. You want a place that is located in an area with a real buzz. You can learn a lot if you find the right neighbourhood.

It helps to highlight progress

The choice of London as the basis for an advertising agency is like a declaration of intent. What’s more, it shows how far you’ve come. This shows that you are going to be competitive, and showing such faith in the future of your business can be a very positive step forward.