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10 important points to follow when creating your business card

10 key points to follow when creating a business card

Many people do not give importance to this simple piece of card, thinking that it doesn`t pay much attention to detail or lacks impact to be useful – wrong!
So, what key points should a card have on it to be effective and original? Here are 10 key points that should help with this:

1. Watch the design.

Before anything, get a pen and paper and broadly design your card. Record the information you want; include the colours of the letters and the background and if you should put any image (company logo for example) on the card.

2. Size matters.

What do we mean? It is important that it is not too large nor too small, and it must fit into your card case or in your wallet. Normally the standard format is 9 × 5 cm.

3. Take the duplex!

We always recommend that you use the duplex. Normally we tend to always see both sides when you get a card and it just looks ugly and unfinished when the other side is plain white. It is a perfect opportunity to add your own personal logo or image.

4. It’s time to design your card on your computer.

When you sit at the computer to design your card, it is very important that you have to the first draft at hand (point No. 1), just so you do not forget any important data. It is also important that you consider the size of the images you want to place, because then the card may not be seen well. Have you thought about putting it in the background?

5. One of the common questions is what information is put onto the card.

The information must be clear (not too many letters together) and with the necessary information (no beating around the bush). I would state your profession and nothing more. If your case is that you work for another company, also specify this.

6. Contact. Don`t feel like you have to include your phone number.

Because today, with WhatsApp this can become very chaotic … In this case, if anyone wants to contact you, they can make it through email. It depends on the type of business you run and the intake of customers you receive. In any case, if the person is trustworthy, you can always write down the phone number by hand in a card space.
It is therefore essential that your email appears on the card and also your web page where they will find more information about you. If you’re going to give this card to a lot of random leads, it`s recommended you do not put your phone number on. If, however, you will present your card to people you know and businesses, then add your phone number to your card.

What about an adress? If your business provides local services you need an adress for people to find you. If you provide business services and image is important to you, you might benefit from a London address providing prestige and professionalism for your business

7. What social networks?

It is important that you also state that you are present in social networks. You don`t need to put every single one down that you are present on, but for example, it`s recommended that you put Facebook and Twitter on, and also if you have Instagram, because it lets your clients see that you are a modern person, who likes creative photography.

8. QR Code?

It is important that you also display the QR code for quick access to your website or section of the website of the company to which you appear. How to generate a QR code? It is very simple. It can all be done by copying a link to the web and in a few seconds you`ll have an image that you must put in a corner of your card.

9. Logo?

If in your case, you own a personal logo, it is important to appear on your card. It is the first graphic image that your customers remember you by, so you have a perfect opportunity to add your personal brand.

10. Take advantage of offers!

There are many programs and websites that will help you design your own card. Note the print quality and type of paper, as you want something durable. Search and compare will lead you to finding good deals.

For more business ideas and news, check out our Virtual Office Business Blog today and especially the tips and advice section.

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