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Important check list for your new company

Forming a company is no longer a time-consuming and difficult task. There are simple online processes meaning that you do not have to comply with the papers, and you can enter all your company’s data very quickly. This will electronically submit your application to Companies House, and would be able to approve your company in as little as 3-4 hours. Use this simple checklist to help you gather the information you need to register a company, and it may be your easiest company formation ever.

Name of company

Select the name of the company, including Limited, or LTD, then check if it is available, using the company name in your search.

This is the address that will appear on Companies House records, which is where all official correspondence will be sent to your company. You must enter the full address, including postcode.

Share details

A public limited company must have at least one member at the time of registration. You must provide the nominal value of the share class.


Your company must have at least one director who is an individual (not by the company Director) of age 16 or greater. For each individual Director, you must submit:

• Full name(s)
• Family
• Previous name(s)
• Full-service street address and city, state and post code (in a public register)
• Usual residential address (will not appear on the public register of protected information)
• Date of Birth
• Nationality
• Business occupation
• Number of shares, if any, allotted to the director, and the details of the purchase price
• 3 security issues (see below)
Every business leader will need to provide:
• The company’s name and registration number of the company
• Registered / head office address (including postcode)
• Statement if it is an EEA company
• Non-EEA company’s need a legal form by which the corporate body is governed
• Name of signatory
• Number of shares, if any, the head of the company has, and the details of the purchase price
• 3 security issues signatory

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