Affordable Business Website Design

Affordable Business Website Design

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Capital Office specialises in affordable business website design. We help small businesses to grow and become more successful by having a professionally designed business website. Capital Office have now developed a range of cost-effective and stylish website solutions for small to medium sizes businesses. Our bespoke website packages include e-commerce & brochure website design. Our expert in-house web designers will create you a professional and competitively priced web site with the latest features and specifications with full mobile optimisation. We specialise in creating and developing effective web sites and solutions for a wide range of online businesses and organisations. Choose from our professional range of package options below.





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Why your business NEEDS a professional Website!

Many SMEs do not believe they can afford to have a professional business website built for them. They are concerned that only having a small budget available for web design will not be able to provide them with a very good quality site. Many business owners still believe that their potential customers don’t use computers, so see no point in having anything other than a basic website. These are both misconceptions that could potentially damage your business reputation.

No matter what size your business you need a professional website! Here are the reasons why:

Your new business will gain credibility. More people than ever are using the internet to search for the products and services that they want. A professional website will make your business look more credible in your potential customers eyes. Smartphone use has gone through the roof in recent years, and not having a mobile-friendly website means that you are losing out on potentially thousands of pounds worth of sales from people on the move.

If you don’t have a company website at all, or at very least have a home-made one, then your potential customers will either not be able to find you at all online, or will quickly search for one of your competitors when they see the quality of your existing website.

Our professional website packages can save you money. As a business owner you may think you cannot afford to employ an in-house web designer to build and maintain your company website. In this day and age of digital living, you cannot afford NOT to have a professional website for your company. Our bespoke business website packages are a very cost-effective way to get your business recognised online at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff.

You can keep your existing customers well informed. It is all very well using your website to attract new customers, but you also need to think about customer retention and having a professional up-to-date website will greatly help your customer retention figures by keeping your existing client base happy and engaged with what is happening with your business.

Think of your company website as not only your introduction to potential new customers or clients, but also as your online brochure or company catalogue for your existing clients. It will be much easier for them to bookmark your website and get all your new updates and information about your products or services via your website as you introduce them.

The longer you delay the more you are missing out! Choose one of our packages today.

The process

  1. Sign-up easily online

    Select a package that suits you and follow the simple instructions to order and pay through our secure payment processor.

  2. Submit your information

    After payment is complete, you can supply us with your important information

  3. Start using your new professional website

    We will let you know when your site is up and running – usually within as little as three weeks.

Experienced Website Designers

Our wealth of business experience will guarantee that we will deliver you an effective web site that exceeds current industry standards, comprehensive search engine criteria and will help to generate your company high revenues and enquiries from your client base.

Affordable Business Website Design

Our website design packages are a fixed price – what you see is what you pay. All our packages come with the latest features, and include PayPal Buttons allowing you to quickly accept money online with ease. Whatever your business need we have the perfect solution for you.

Get in touch with our Expert Website Designers

Our bespoke and affordable Web Design packages are designed exactly to fit your individual business needs. If you are unsure about any aspect of our website packages, get in contact with us today. We will be happy to discuss your best options with you. Our cost-effective web design service is a great way of getting an online presence without breaking the bank. Ideal for small start up businesses.


Why is a professional business website important for my company?

Your professional company website will always be available to both your prospective new clients as well as for your existing clients 24/7, 365 days of the year. Your site will provide your clients with a convenient way of reviewing your products or services when you are not able to take their phone call directly, or when your office is closed. Having one of our professionally designed websites built around your business complete with PayPal buttons, will make it easy for your clients to purchase from you.

How will a business website help me sell my products or services?

No matter where you offer your products or services, your own professionally built website will provide you with another way to sell them. Your website is a great place to sell your products or services as well as provide useful information about your company and to communicate with potential new clients in areas that you physical shop or business does not cover locally. No matter what business you are in, your website is a great place to showcase your work to a wider audience. By including a portfolio or image gallery, as well as testimonials about your work, you can demonstrate what makes your business unique.


Can a business website save me time?

By providing new information about your company, products and services online, you can save yourself lots of time that would otherwise be spent explaining your company and passing on information verbally via phone calls and face-to-face meetings. It is also much quicker, simpler and cheaper to update information about your company and your products and services via your website than to have new company brochures, flyers and mail-outs designed, printed and circulated. Your professionally designed website will save your time – and what is time? Time is money!

Will a business website improve my company’s image?

Having a professional business website built for you will improve your customer service, so it will also help to boost your credibility and standing online. By engaging and sharing tips and information about your products or services with your potential new clients as well as your existing clients, you are helping to build and boost your business brand. Include an FAQ section, add a blog and offer an email newsletter to answer your customer’s questions, and there will no better way to provide your clients with added value that will boost your profile and respectability online.


Can my new company website help me to target my customers?

Collecting important Demographic Data will give you a good ideas about who your customers are. Knowing who your customers are and what they need are important aspects of making your business a success. Having a website with all the latest features and analytical tools available may not seem so out of reach as you first thought, and with one of our comprehensive website packages you can get the essential marketing data you need to grow your business.

Will my bespoke website drive more customers through my door?

If you run a bricks and mortar business in a specific location, your website can be available to your new and existing customers online 24/7, especially when your shop or business premises is closed. Customers are not restricted to learn about your company during opening hours, so when you offer them plenty of interesting information online, then they will be more encouraged to check out your physical shop in person.


Will my new website make it easy to communicate with my clients?

Many SMEs owners still think that a website is a one-way window to communicate with clients and customers. Our expert team of web designers can build you a bespoke site that allows you to add in all your social media buttons so your clients can communicate and engage with you in a way that suits them best. The easier you make it for your clients to communicate with you, the better it is for your business. Your clients are more likely to stick around and become loyal to your company if they are a satisfied customer that can get answers to their questions quickly.


Will my website stay current?

Maintainability is something that many business owners worry about. Unlike print media, your website will be easy to maintain and update as and when you make changes within your business. The cost of maintaining a website is far cheaper than the cost of maintaining up to date printed material for your company. Your website may not completely replace your need for printed material, but it will mean that what printed material you produce will only need to be time-limited to whatever promotional time-frame you have planned. Your well-crafted website will be a great supplement to your sales and promotional material and you can also expand your sales information online to include what cannot be covered in your printed material due to printing restraints and the associated costs involved. You can also add video content to your website that you cannot provide with your printed material.


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