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This service is for any director wishing to keep their residential address confidential, so that it does not show on the public register. Any filing of a directors details for incorporations now has to include both directors usual residential address, and, for each directorship, a service address. The service address will be on the public record; the residential address will be protected information with our service. A director may choose to use their residential address as their service address in which case it will be available on the public register and for anyone to see. If a director does not wish their usual residential address – then you should purchase our Service Address Service package which will keep your details private.

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The most obvious benefit of using our Directors Service Address is to protect your residential address from being displayed on the pubic register at Companies House. By law in the UK, any directors private details from their company incorporation has to be included on the paperwork for Companies House.

This means that each company director has to submit their residential address and service address to Companies House. The service address is where all legal and statutory mail is sent from both Companies House and HMRC. By using our Directors Service Address package, you can have this address displayed on the public register at Companies House while your own home address is safely kept off the record and away from public view.

Many company directors will choose to use their residential address as their service address at incorporation out of convenience, especially if their company doesn’t yet have a permanent address, or the company is using a temporary space and is planning to move premises very soon. Some directors will use their own address simply because their business operates from home, for example if you were setting up an online trading business where you might be keeping stock in rented storage with no attached office.

If you choose to use your residential address as the service address it will be available on the public register for anyone to view. This can leave your residential address open to having cold callers arrive on your doorstep at all hours of day on any day of the week. It will also be an open invitation for junk mailers to bombard your letterbox with unwanted leaflets, flyers and junk mail.

Purchasing our Directors Service Address package will stop unwanted junk mail and visits from cold callers. The address used for the public register would be: KEMP HOUSE, 152-160 CITY ROAD, LONDON, EC1V 2NX.

Once you have registered for our service you can decide on exactly how we manage your mail. We can forward it to an address of your choosing, we can open and scan your mail and email it to you, or we can keep it safe and secure allowing you to come in and collect it in person from our London office.

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This service is perfect for any director, company secretary or shareholder wishing to keep their residential address confidential from the public register. Any filing of a directors details from incorporation has to include both Directors residential address, and for each directorship, a service address. The service address will be on the public record, the residential address will be protected with our service.

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Answers to common questions asked by our clients

What if my account details change?

If you need to make changes to your address service or your personal information has changed that’s not a problem. All you need to do is send us and e-mail at and our team will process your request.

How long does it take to set up my account?

When you purchase a Registered Office, Directors Service or Mail Forwarding Address, you can use our address instantly. You will receive a welcome email informing you that we have receiving your payment. Full client on boarding can take from 4-8 working hours. If you would like an update you can contact Your Virtual Office London team on

If I collect my mail, how will I know if I have mail waiting?

When an item of post is received at the address you will receive an email notification informing you of this. You can also speak to our customer service team for further information and updates on your post status.

Can I upgrade my account?

If you have purchased a virtual office service with us, you may be able to upgrade your service. If you would like to discuss your options please send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to speak to you about your options.

Can I use your address straight away?

Yes, once you have signed up you can use our address immediately, we will not be able to release any post until we have all the certified/notarised ID and Proof of address documents.

Where is the registered office address?

Kemp House

152-160 City Road



How can I pay for the service?

The best way to pay is through our website, if you have problems you can pay over the telephone or by bank transfer.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Can I have parcels delivered and forwarded on?

When a parcel arrives we will notify you by e-mail and will need to be collected within 48 hours or you can arrange for a courier to collect your parcel for you.

We can arrange a courier on your behalf there will be an admin charge which will be added to the courier’s fee and this would need to be paid upfront.

Parcels up to 45x35x16cm and no heavier than 3kg – store free for 48 hours and then charged at £2.50 a day.

Parcels between 45x35x16cm and no heavier than 3kg and 61x46x46cm and no heavier than 10kg free for 48 hours and then charged at £4.50 a day.

If Parcels are not collected within 10 working days they will be disposed of and a charge will be added to your postage account. We will advise you by telephone before we dispose of any parcels.

What if I want to collect my post?

We would hold your post in your suite number for as long as your account is active, our office is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Will I be informed if I do not have any postage for mail to be forwarded?

Yes, our post team will e-mail you with a link so you can make a top-up

How much do you charge mail forwarding services, and for scanning and emailing?

We charge Royal Mail prices x 2, Scanning is charged at £1.00 per page

Is this a real, physical address, or just a PO Box?

Our address is a real physical office and not PO boxes. You are given a suite number when your contract is completed.

What forms of identification and proof of address are required?

We have a legal obligation to check proof of ID and address for all of our clients who use our services. This is to ensure we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. We need to check and verify a Photographic ID such as a Passport and a proof of address, such as a Bank Statement (dated within 3 months).

What is a registered office address?

A registered office address is a legal requirement for UK Companies. It is listed on the Company Registrar at Companies House and is publicly available for anyone to view. We would recommend adding this option to our London mail address package if you do not want your residential address listed on the public domain.

Can I use the mail forwarding address for personal use?

The London mail forwarding address service can be used by personal and business customers. It allows personal post to be received at the London forwarding address, this can then be forwarded onto an address of your choice.

Once I have purchased online how long does the mail forwarding take to setup?

Once you have purchased the mail forwarding address service online it can be used straight away.

Can I collect mail from your office?

We allow our clients to collect their mail from our offices, whether you choose to have your mail forwarded or collected from the address is up to you.

How can a mail forwarding service in London benefit me?

A mail forwarding address can benefit many different types of people and organisations. A business mail forwarding service is designed to improve a businesses corporate image by using a prestigious address in a prominent location.

Do you provide a mail scanning service?

All mail forwarding address clients can choose to have post scanned direct to them. When choosing a package select the scan option.

Do you accept parcels and signed for documents?

Parcels and signed for documents will be accepted at the London mail forwarding address. Signed for documents are accepted by the mail handling team who will sign for it in their own name. If you are expecting large items please do call our team before hand to discuss the options.

Is the mail forwarding address suitable for international clients?

The mail forwarding address that is provided in our packages is an excellent way International businesses can obtain a UK address without substantial overheads.

International clients can choose to have mail forwarded or scanned as and when they require, daily, weekly or monthly.

What is a mail forwarding address?

A mail forwarding address is an address which allows you to receive all your postal correspondence at the address and have it forwarded onto an address of your choice. Companies decide to use mail forwarding addresses as it can often help increase the prominence of their status. The use of an address in a sought after location will often help increase the consumers’ confidence in the business.

Many different organisations benefit from such services, there are of course obvious benefits for homeworkers and startups who are unable to obtain a real office and are not in favour of providing their residential address as the main correspondence address which would be available to the public.

Our mail forwarding service allows you to use our central London location as your business address, we then receive your mail and forward this onto your chosen address.

Why a mail forwarding address can benefit your business?

A business can benefit from a prestigious central London location without having to outlay expensive overheads when compared to renting a traditional office space.

Our mail forwarding service is designed to be private and discreet allowing you to run your business from any location worldwide. It is also completely confidential helping to protect your residential address.

Any post that is received at our address is processed straight away and can be forwarded on the same day. Some businesses choose to have their post forwarded weekly or monthly, the benefit to them is that they save on postal rates as the accumulated mail is posted in a bundle in one envelope and can be more cost effective for high volume users.

Who would use a mail forwarding service?

• Mail forwarding addresses are very popular with startups working from a home office.
• Small businesses wanting to establish themselves with a prestigious central London address
• International clients wanting to establish themselves in the UK