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Your registered office address is the official address that is listed with Companies House. Your address must be within England, Wales or Scotland and be an address where all your legal documents and official paperwork can be delivered for your company. This is the address that you must include on all of your company correspondence, such as your invoices and letterheads. You must also display it on your company website and can include it in your company email signature. As this address is kept on the public record at Companies House, it is available for any member of the public to inspect.

Because it is such a publicly accessible address, many company owners choose to use a registered London office address service. This can be especially helpful if you are running your business from a private residential address and do not wish to make your home address public and open to cold callers and junk mail. Having a professional sounding business address can also add some gravitas to your company image and perception by others. For example, it creates a much better image of your company to display a prestigious Central-London office address rather than a residential address or a unit number on an industrial estate.

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