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The virtual office address we provide instantly adds trust and credibility to your brand. What do your prospective customers find when they Google your business? Your home address? A PO Box? Using a home address may be acceptable when you first startup, however, it may not work as well as your business grows and you pitch larger clients and bigger contracts. Having a prestigious downtown business address for your website and business cards helps give prospective customers the reassurance they are looking for.

It also saves you time; another advantage of using our business address is that you have your mail and courier packages sent to this address – as such, there is no more waiting around for a FedEx package to arrive. We are at the office so you don’t have to be.

It also lowers overhead costs and reduces business risk. The two largest expenses for small businesses are rent and personnel. Virtual offices can significantly reduce both while not compromising on professionalism. A traditional office requires rental of space, the purchase of furniture, fixtures and setting up phones, internet service and building maintenance. It’s expensive and takes up significant time both upfront and on an ongoing basis. Furthermore upfront expenditures, long term lease commitments and hiring new personnel significantly increase the company’s business risk.

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