Having a professional PA can add thousand to your business

Impress your clients with a London telephone number and a team of professional PA’s who will personally greet your client and handle your call with the upmost care. Our service is designed to add real value to your business, allowing you get on with your job knowing your calls are being handled expertly by trained assistants.

red tick icon   Unique 0203 or 0207 London number
red tick icon   Calls taken in the name of your business
red tick icon   London based PA’s taking your calls
red tick icon  Unlimited Calls Included – No Cost Per Call
red tick icon  Messages taken or call transferred
red tick icon  Out of hours voicemail to email
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Rolling Contract Rolling contracts allow you to cancel at the end of your term without any penalties
Unlimited Calls Unlimited calls are included, this means we do not charge per call or place limits on your account. This is subject to a fair usage policy.
Unlimited messages Our team will take unlimited messages from your callers. We do not charge a few to take and forward messages to you
No Cost Per Call We do not charge per call, unlimited calls are included with all call answering packages
No Hidden Charges We do not charge to setup any services.
Real London PA’s We use in house professional trained, London based Personal Assistants to handle your calls.
London Tel Numbers Choose from 0203 or 0207 telephone numbers to add instante prestige to your business.
Cancel Anytime You will not be charged to cancel your contract at the end of your term.
Messages forwarded via email We forward all messages via email to your preferred email address.
Call forwarding Optional Some clients pefer us to forward calls direct to your number first, there would be a charge for an outbound call to your number.
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Choose a suitable package online and complete our simple online order form in under 5 minutes.

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Once your registration is complete you will be able to start using our prestigious City Road address as your own instantly. 

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We will professionally handle all of your important business calls the way you have instructed, ensuring an excellent service at all times from day one. 



Many business owners are not in a position to be able to easily answer every single incoming phone call into their company. Sometimes it can be because you are small company or partnership with just a few team members, you may be a sole trader who works from home or spends a lot of time on the road, or you simply find your time tied up in important business meetings where you cannot field your own calls.

Whatever the reason, missing important incoming telephone calls from existing clients or prospective new customers is not good for your business. Your company communication system is at the forefront of your business, so if you want to catch every incoming call and avoid frustrating your clients or business partners, then our Call Answering Service is perfect for you!

Our professional Call Answering Service enables you to impress your clients with a well-established London business telephone number and a highly responsive, polite and positive greeting delivered by a London based P.A. Your calls will be answered with a greeting of your choice and our expert team at Capital Office will have all the necessary information at hand about your company to handle your incoming calls in a professional business manner.

Having a fully trained and experienced P.A. answering your business calls gives your company that air of professionalism that you cannot get elsewhere. Your client will fully believe that they are talking with one of your own in house staff and will be completely unaware that they are speaking to a virtual assistant.

According to the package options you choose to include, your call handler will be able to screen your clients on your behalf, then either take a message from them that will be immediately passed on to you, or will re-direct the live call directly to a phone number of your choice.

Our call handling service is highly flexible so should you need to alter your needs frequently, even on a daily basis, we can tailor our service to meet your needs. This means that if you plan to spend a day at a conference or at a business meeting, we can intercept your calls and take messages on your behalf. If you are travelling and will be unable to take calls, you will never have to miss that important phone call you were expecting. Whatever your day to day needs, our leading professional call answering service will be able to adapt.

Nothing can beat the instant prestige and sense of gravitas that having a professional person answering your calls can give to your business reputation. If you want to impress your clients and have your calls handled in a professional manner, then our London based team of call handlers are here to help you, and all a cost that is just a fraction of what you would pay for employing a professional P.A.

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Full list of features

red tick icon Unlimited Volume of Calls
red tick icon No Hidden Call charges
red tick icon Calls taken in your name
red tick icon Choose your own greeting
red tick icon Lowest Prices Guaranteed
red tick icon No Setup Fees
red tick icon Award Winning Service
red tick icon Real London based team – no outsourcing
red tick icon Private & Confidential
red tick icon Instant Activation – Start Using Today
red tick icon Completely private and secure for all clients
red tick icon Unique 0207 or 0203 London Number
red tick icon Professional Call Handling
red tick icon Messages forwarded onto you
red tick icon Calls routed live to your phone after PA handling
red tick icon Forward Calls to your mobile
red tick icon Caller questions answered
red tick icon Sales calls taken
red tick icon London Based PA
red tick icon Can take number with you
red tick icon Native English Speakers
red tick icon Calls Screened
red tick icon 24 Hours customised voice mail
red tick icon Private Pin Protected Messages

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Answers to common questions asked by our clients

Do you require any ID to set up a telephone service?

If it is just a telephone service you need, we will not require any ID from you. If you are purchasing a combined with a virtual office, call answering and a London address service then we will require photographic ID and a proof of address dated within the last 3 months.

Will you Screen sales calls for us.

We will ask you if you want all calls to be taken for you, or if you want the P.A to screen any sales calls.

What is the difference between 0203 and 0207 numbers

0203 numbers came in to force in 2005 as the demand for numbers exceeded usage in the London area.  0203 and 0207 numbers are for inner London, we do however charge a one off connection fee for 0207 numbers, and 0203 numbers are free of charge.

Are there any charges to transfer the calls to me?

If you require our PA’s to transfer callers direct to your phone then we charge 17p a minute to a mobile or 10p a minute to a landline

I only require a phone service.

We have two different services: – 1) telephone answering where an experience PA will answer your calls for you, and using the script you provide, gather the relevant information and then e-mail you to call the customer back. 2) Voicemail only, Calls will go directly to a dedicated voicemail which you can access 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

At what times are my calls answered?

Your calls are answered Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, outside of these hours calls will go directly to your dedicated voicemail, you will receive an e-mail to advise you have a message waiting for you.

What is the telephone deposit for?

This is only required if you choose to have live calls transferred to your mobile or UK landline. In this case we we would take a deposit so we can deduct the cost of any calls that are transferred to your telephone number.

How does the telephone answering service work?

We will provide you with a unique phone number that you can use on your stationary and give to clients. We will answer your calls in your company name and take a message from your caller. You will receive the message straight away by email.

A vital part of your team

When you buy our call answering package you are hiring our team of  professional PA’s to answer your calls on your behalf. Our PA’s will be fully briefed and on your business, its activities and exactly how you want the calls to be handled. The service is seamless and is designed to be an extension of your team.

How do I receive the messages?

When your virtual assistant receives a phone call and then subsequently takes a message on your behalf, they will then email you the recorded transcript of the message to your email and also into your private voicemail box.

Can you divert calls live to my number?

Yes we can, we provide free message taking included with all our packages. However some clients prefer for our team of PA’s to answer the call initially and then transfer the call live to a number of their choice.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate the call answering service from 9.00 am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours calls will be diverted automatically to your voicemail where you will then receive email alerts if a message is left out of hours.

Where are your PA’s based?

Our PA’s are based in our London offices and are native English speakers. All our staff have been professionally trained and deliver a high level of service to all our clients.

How many calls are included?

With all our call answering service packages we include unlimited calls as part of the price advertised. This means you will not be charged per call and the price advertised is the price you will pay for the service.

How do I receive the messages?

When your virtual assistant receives a phone call and then subsequently takes a message on your behalf, they will then email you the recorded transcript of the message to your email and also into your private voicemail box.