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Why Outsourcing Can Make Your Business More Successful

When you have your own small business, one of the biggest things that you face on a daily basis is getting all of your essential admin tasks done. The traditional option would be to hire someone as an employee to work for you part or full time within the business to complete these tasks, but when the admin role isn’t necessarily needed all of the time, this can be an inefficient use of your company finances. However, with the growth of cloud based systems combined with high speed internet, a new option is available to stressed-out business owners – outsourcing.

Outsourcing and short term contracts

The idea of outsourcing business tasks on short term contracts isn’t strictly a new one. Go back to the turn of the millennium when everyone was panicking about the Millennium Bug – many companies hired IT experts on short term contracts to deal with the potential problem or any adverse side effects resulting from it. This was just one example of the power of outsourcing and it has continued to grow in popularity ever since then.

Today, the world of outsourcing is a vast one and means businesses of every size and shape across all sectors can access whatever skilled professionals they need as and when they need them, for as long as they desire. Skilled professionals working short term contracts include freelancers such as journalists to professionals from specialised industries as diverse as accountancy and the oil and gas industry. Successful companies who pair up contractors and businesses have proven that virtually any industry has a place for outsourcing.

Why it is so powerful

For the individual offering the service, there is a certain freedom and control that comes with their work that cannot be achieved while working as an employee for a single company. They can focus on the areas they want to, work with the companies they choose and can work as many hours as they want. Often these outsourcing partnerships can become long-term working relationships.

And for the businesses hiring these individuals, the benefits are clear – you get access to top skilled professionals only when you need them. These are people whose full time wages your business might not be able to afford on a continuous basis, but for a short time you can have their services to make your business more successful. And when the project you are outsourcing is finished, they move on to the next client and your business saves money.

Starting in the marketplace

If your business is looking to find people to outsource specific tasks to, or you are looking for someone to work with you on a single project, then using the right websites can help improve your success rate. Look for companies that are long-standing with plenty of customers who can offer a certain standard of professional service – such as Your Virtual Office, with our highly skilled UK based team of professional administrators.

On our website, you can search for the type of service you need and look at the different options open to you. From Call Answering Services to a Complete Virtual Office, you know your business administration needs will be taken care of from a company with years of experience in this industry.

Fill the gaps

To get the most from your outsourcing activities, it is best to look at filling the obvious skills gaps within your business. You should also be looking at outsourcing all non-productive admin tasks that are essential to your business, but can take up far too much of your valuable time to complete each day. For example, some businesses find that marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, call answering and mail sorting are great areas to outsource, especially if they can’t afford to employ a full time professional for each role within the business, but are still very aware just how important these roles are to their future success.

By outsourcing these roles to a specialist company to complete for you for a specific project or for a set period each month, your business will be able to access top professional experts without having to shoulder the heavy cost of their full-time salary. The same applies to any professional from engineers to IT specialists to virtual receptionists and accountants.

Don’t be afraid that you will be paying high costs for your specialists – remember you are only paying for a specific job or for a certain period of time rather than an annual wage, plus other expenses such as holiday pay, sick pay, NICs and pension contributions.

Move away from DIY

For small businesses to grow and prosper, there is the need to get away from the DIY mentality. While it is great to do as much yourself as you can, and when starting out in your new business you may have the energy and enthusiasm to want to take everything on by yourself, but there will be times when you need the help of a professional to take on certain tasks within the company, especially if you are not particularly skilled in managing these tasks by yourself. Outsourcing is a top way to fill the skills gap within your company and access a professional service without the burden of a full-time employee. This allows your business to expand and to cover your statutory requirement easily and very cost-effectively.

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