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Why having a Virtual Office is very Handy for Travellers and Entrepreneurs

When you think of a business, a picture may spring up in your mind of an office block full of busy staff, ringing phones and the clatter of fingers typing on keyboards.

While this is the case for many thousands of businesses across the UK, there are equally many thousands more that are not set up in this way. In fact, there are vast numbers of sole traders and single entrepreneurs who don’t have a central HQ, or even a permanent office.

Also, there are many people who permanently travel as part of their business. Being on the road 24/7 for business doesn’t lend itself to rented office space or permanent staff. But just like any business, there are certain administrative tasks involved that need completing, and to do this successfully you need to have some sort of base to work from or central office somewhere, don’t you?

Well, actually, no you don’t.

These days of high-speed internet, Wi-Fi hotspots and smartphones means you can work remotely, from wherever you happen to be without the need to call into a central office every day, or even every week. The Virtual Office set up is perfect to cater for those who travel extensively for business and for entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time visiting clients or travelling the country taking their mobile business with them.

An Entrepreneurial Dream

Virtual office services are an entrepreneur’s dream set up. This means they are not having to be tied to an office or ever need to hire a permanent member of staff to do all their business admin for them, such as open the post and answer business phone calls. These fully scaleable services are a welcome invention for travelling workers, sole traders and small businesses alike.

There has always been a need to help business travellers keep on top of their paperwork, answer phone calls and find convenient yet well equipped places to conduct meetings and give presentations. With a Virtual Office set-up, they can have all these things at a fraction of the cost of setting up their own offices from scratch and employing staff.

For those who work from home and don’t need a full-time office space, but do need a prestigious business address and mail sorting services, then services offered by Your Virtual Office can be invaluable.

There may be times when you need to impress a client or a business team that you want to work with, but inviting them to your home office or meeting in a cafe in the middle of nowhere isn’t going to create the right first impression. It would be much better to have your clients greeted by a professional receptionist who can guide them to your fully equipped executive meeting room in Central London. It will also do your business no end of good to have a professional secretary to answer your incoming business calls while you are in a meeting or travelling on the road between clients or business appointments.


The Virtual Office services that we offer gives solo-entrepreneurs and micro-business owners a one-stop-shop for your business administrative needs and meeting rooms with very low monthly costs. Our Prestigious address in the centre of London’s Business District means that you can have a helping hand with your business credibility too.

What is on offer from Your Virtual Office is the ability to give new businesses somewhere to begin with all the resources an entrepreneur needs to run a successful business without the need for a permanent office or the expensive overheads that come with making that commitment.

Our aim when we started up Your Virtual Office was to help solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus on growing their business without their time being taken up with time-consuming yet essential administrative tasks. You could think of Your Virtual Office as a sort of Airbnb for business services!

Cost-effective Services

There is no doubt that the ever increasing costs of running a small business has been prohibitive to growth, especially when a large part of your budget is being spent of renting office space, essential communications infrastructure and equipment, hiring staff, paying out for utilities such as electricity, gas and water, as well as for business insurance premiums, repairs and maintenance costs.

When you do not need physical office to enable to do your work, why on earth would you go to such costly lengths to set one up to run your business from? Even when you are set up, you need to factor in the running costs of keeping everything going each month, and this can put a serious dent into your bottom line.

Virtual Office services give you the option to be rid of all these unnecessary extras that you don’t really need impacting on your profits or your ability to invest more money back into your business. New technologies mean you can be free to work from wherever you please and give you the flexibility of travelling for your work without the worry of having to be tied to an office.

Professional Administrative Services

You can still instil confidence in your clients or business associates and give your company an air of professionalism regardless of whether you work from home or out of the back of your car. This is where a virtual office can prove to be very useful.

Have your incoming business calls handled by a professional receptionist and transferred to you, or a message taken should you be unavailable to take the call. Have a prestigious Central London business address where you have all your business mail sent and sorted. This can then be sent on to you at a convenient address, or you can call in and collect it in person. You can have important mail scanned and emailed to you if you are waiting for something special to arrive. There is so much flexibility within these packages, and you can add more whenever you need them.

It may be the case that your business is based in a location that is not very convenient or would not be easy for your clients or business partners to reach. This is why holding your meetings and business presentations in a central location such as London makes it easier for everyone to get to. Plus you don’t have the extra expense of having to maintain an expensive London office by yourself!

Why not take a look at our services on offer to see which ones would suit your business.

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