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Why Entrepreneurs need a Virtual Receptionist

As an entrepreneur, you will be full of innovative plans and ideas to kick-start your business and make it a booming success. However, the realities of actually running a business on a day to day basis can knock the creative stuffing out of any talented and enthusiastic entrepreneur.

While many new business owners will want to spend all their available time with their heads in the clouds, dreaming up new ideas, streamlining their business practices and planning for the future, who is actually going to be doing all the necessary admin tasks such as answering the telephone and opening the mail?

All the regular everyday tasks that need to be done on a daily basis can take up a huge chunk of your time. While these tasks are essential for the smooth running of your business, it will leave you very little time to focus on what you really want to be doing.

How a virtual receptionist can boost your productivity

A business cannot operate without it’s customers. They are the most important element of your continuing success, so you have to prioritise their needs first. Having a virtual receptionist will ensure that you never miss an important call from one of your existing customers, as well as never missing the opportunity for gaining new business from prospective customers calling your office.

Despite the many advantages of the digital revolution, according to a recent report from Ofcom, telephone calls are still considered to be the most important means of communication for new businesses. Can you afford to lose out by not being able to answer your calls?

When Social Media isn’t very social

Every business owner knows the importance of having a strong social media presence. Although you can use social media as a great customer service tool, nothing like this can really replace a simple phone call. Not only does a phone call directly answer a customer’s query, but it can also help to build a very strong and meaningful relationship with your client or customer.

There are thousands of people flocking online to buy products and services. Many are very savvy and will check out a companies social media pages before choosing to buy. However, they still want that human connection that cannot be established through digital communication.

Googling telephone numbers

Most people today will take to Google to find business information rather than flick through a paper business telephone directory. Whether they are looking for a local wedding catering company or need an accountant to handle their tax, most people will follow up their online searches with a telephone call to make sure the company can offer what they need.

Many single entrepreneurs think that it is OK to simply leave an email address to contact on their website. Some will actually be very pro-active and leave all their social media links in the contact area of their site hoping to encourage communication that way. While it may be more convenient for you as a busy business owner with 101 tasks to complete in a day, it isn’t the best approach for your customers.

When browsing online, the lack of an obvious telephone number to call will be very off-putting to most people. In some cases it can actively discourage them from choosing you, instead making them look at the next company on their list. Making a quick phone call is the most convenient way to have their questions answered and can often take far less time to have their queries resolved than to type out online and wait for a response.

Loss of potential new sales

If you put any doubt into the minds of your prospective new customers, then you will quickly find you are losing out on sales. Not only that, but you will be losing out on any ongoing sales that a customer can provide. Having someone at the end of your phone to answer their calls promptly and professionally can instantly put a customers mind at ease and will help them to view your business as something they can trust.

Virtual receptionists cost less than you think!

The biggest bonus that an entrepreneur can have with hiring a virtual receptionist is that it can actually save you money. Think about it – when hiring a virtual service you don’t need to actually rent physical business premises. You don’t need to set up an office and kit it out with expensive telecommunications equipment. You don’t need to go through the hiring process to find and employ a full-time receptionist, or have to pay out for all of the necessary expenses associated with hiring permanent staff, such as pension payments, NIC payments, holiday and sickness pay etc.

Why should you use a large chunk of your hard-earned money to fund a physical office? You don’t need to allow your essential business admin tasks to eat away at your profits. Instead for mere pennies per day you can choose to use a virtual service, such as our professional call handling service. This includes unlimited calls – no cost per call billing.

Both your established and prospective customers will be provided with an immediate answer to their calls. This can work to open up a whole new line of business that can help to boost your bottom line.

You can safely leave your business call handling in the care of a highly trained professional receptionist that will answer your incoming business calls with your preferred greeting. This will mean you can dedicate more of your precious time towards other important tasks, such as growing your business, meeting clients and attending networking meetings without worrying that your business phone is being left unanswered.

Can you afford not to have a virtual receptionist service working hard on your behalf? Contact us for more information.

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