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Why a Virtual Office is perfect for Solo Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads

The face of the workplace has been going under a rapid change over recent years. No longer are people chained to a desk in an office or in a cubicle that looks identical to it’s neighbour. These days the rise of the freelancer or solo entrepreneur is on the rise. The advances in digital technology has allowed people to set themselves up in work just about anywhere, this includes out in the field where they can be free from the confines of the traditional office set-up.

Digital nomads are more commonplace than ever before, and because you don’t have the need of a fixed office or business HQ, you can be on the road 24/7 and the world becomes your workplace. Having a rented office space and permanent staff will not suit absolutely every business set-up, especially for a solo-entrepreneur, sole trader or freelancer who choose to run their business from wherever they happen to be.

The downside to workplace freedom

Although this new working environment may sound wonderful and exciting, there is always a downside that must be addressed. You may be loving your freedom, but what about your customers or client base? For a customer to build confidence in your business and stay loyal to you for the long term, you need to give them some sense of security and stability.

Being in constant contact with your clients cannot always be possible, even with the best internet connection or mobile coverage in the world at your disposal. There will be times when you are unreachable, simply because you may be a one-man-band type of operation where you are your business and have do everything involved with the running of it.

How do you think your customers are going to feel if their call doesn’t get answered, or their call goes straight to voicemail with no sort of acknowledgement or quick follow-up?

What about if you are busy meeting a new client, but your conversation keeps getting interrupted by your phone ringing? How frustrating would it be for them to have their meeting with you constantly paused while you take a call. What about if you choose to ignore your phone? How bad would you feel about letting down a customer that needs you, or potentially losing the custom of a prospective lead that calls you with a query? Not good. Not good at all!

Complete Virtual Office Service

There is a perfect solution to all of these issues through hiring virtual services, such as our Complete Virtual Office service for example. With a service such as this you can choose to work wherever you like, yet still have a prestigious and solid business office foundation in the heart of London’s bustling business district.

Our Complete Virtual Office is perfect for the independent solo-entrepreneur or sole trader on the go. Your customers will truly believe that you have a whole HQ set up in the heart of central London – a true sign of a legitimate business and something solid that they can put their trust in.

Combining our highly prestigious central London business mail forwarding address that you can use on all of your business literature, along with our team of experienced and professionally trained virtual PA telephone answering service, you will be presenting the most professional of business images to your clients. Based in City Road, London, since 1971, we have helped countless business owners like you to reach their full potential with our expert back-up and support.

Build your services

The great thing about using our virtual office services is that you can choose to build your own bespoke package of services to suit your needs. For example, you may only need to use our telephone answering service to begin with, but then as your business grows and you can no longer cope with your incoming mail, then you can add on our mail forwarding services.

It could be that you cannot afford to hire your own office space and hire an admin assistant or receptionist to deal with your every day admin duties. A virtual office gives you all these professional and essential services, but at the fraction of the price of having to set these up for yourself.

Maybe you want to run your business from your spare room or home office. However, you don’t want to be dealing with cold-callers that turn up on your doorstep at your home. You may worry that using your own home address isn’t giving off the right impression for your business. Then there is dealing with the endless post, flyers, leaflets and junk mail that starts to pour through your letterbox once your home address goes on public record.

All these issues that come with running your own micro-business can easily be managed by using low-cost, yet very efficient virtual office services. You can start off from day one with a prestigious central London business address, mail forwarding service, and professional VA telephone answering services all in place. This will save you a lot of time further down the line when you start to become overwhelmed with all your time-consuming daily tasks that take you away from doing business or meeting new clients.

When you need to hold a meeting with important clients, there is no need to worry here either! Rather than holding a meeting in your spare bedroom, at a busy pub or cafe, you can hire one of our professional, unbranded London meeting rooms. Our meeting rooms are fully equipped with full rapid speed fibre optic WiFi and cabled Internet solutions. We have excellent transport links to our London meeting rooms including Old Street national rail and the underground tube station situated 2 minutes from the offices.

All meeting rooms are fully air conditioned and have presentation whiteboards. All bookings receive complimentary refreshments including water, tea and coffee. Our rooms are completely unbranded, so your clients will have no idea that you don’t own them.

Cost-effective services

You don’t need to break the bank with using virtual services either! Using our services is so much cheaper than having to fund and staff your own office on a permanent basis, as well as meeting all of your employee obligations on top, such as holiday and sickness pay, pension payments and salaries. Our professional call answering services start from as little as £6.19 per week, and our voicemail only service starts at an amazing £3.34 per week!

You have to agree that using virtual office services such as these helps to present your business with a very professional image, handles a lot of very important, yet time-consuming tasks, while keeping your costs to an absolute minimum.

Don’t forget that with our virtual office services you get all the benefits of a fully equipped office without having to worry about renting office space, being tied into long property leases, spending on communications infrastructure and basic admin staff, on top of spending out for utilities and insurance.

So what are you waiting for? Book your complete virtual office professionals today!

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