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Why A New Business Can Benefit from Virtual Office Services

When you start a new business, you often end up having to do everything by yourself. This means taking on every task within your business, right down to opening your incoming mail, checking emails and answering the telephone.

As unproductive as these tasks are, these are essential admin tasks that need to be done every day if you are going to be able to keep on top of them and not become overwhelmed by them.

As a new business owner, you will want to keep costs down to a minimum and use any profits and savings made to help build up and grow the company, strengthen it and make it ready for development and expansion.

However, it can be hard to dedicate the needed time to grow your company when you have to spend so much time performing time-consuming admin tasks.

This is where outsourcing your essential business admin tasks is a good idea. It may seem that virtual office services are something that is more aimed at bigger, more well established businesses. However, this isn’t always the case.

The planning stages

In fact, as an entrepreneur or solo business owner, virtual office services can factor into your decisions even at the very early planning stages of your business.

The classic way to create a new business is to do some market research and find an area of need that you can fill, or create a product that you can offer where there is a gap in the market or very minimal competition.

Or maybe you have a better service to offer than the existing companies already in operation have, or you can offer something completely new and unique based on your own knowledge and experience that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Next, you will start creating yourself a sound business plan. This is normally focusing on areas such as setting objectives and developing marketing plans.

You will have to create strategies about how to promote your products and services and put clear accounting practices into place to help manage your business cash flow and forecast how much profit you could make. You may even start with tactics such as segmenting customers should your products or services appeal to different demographics.

Where a virtual office can come in

It is usually at this stage of planning that you run into certain questions that may make you consider using a virtual office service. For example, if there is just you working alone within the business and you can comfortably work from home, you don’t necessarily need to go to the expense of renting business premises and kitting it out with equipment.

But you do need someone to answer your incoming business calls if clients phone you up and you can’t immediately answer your mobile – say you are in a meeting, travelling or working on something that requires your complete attention.

The ideal solution here is to arrange for a virtual call handling service to be put in place for set times or days during the week. That way you have your important incoming telephone calls covered while you are busy doing other things and don’t risk missing out on talking to potential new clients or risk upsetting an existing client by ignoring their calls.

You also don’t need to have a physical location in which to place a receptionist with all the associated costs as virtual office services work remotely over the internet.

Adding credibility

Once your business is becoming established, one of the big things you will face is building credibility and a professional reputation. There are lots of ways to do this but a good one is to make use of a virtual office address as your registered trading address. These professional business addresses, such as our London EC1 address, add a degree of prestige to your business even from your very early days.

In addition to using the London EC1 address for your registered address, you can also use the complete virtual office as your call handling and mail handling service, freeing your valuable time up considerably. These services vary in degree from handling registered address mail, such as important documents from HMRC, through to handling all incoming mail and saves you receiving a large amount of post, particularly junk mail, to your home address.

It also means you don’t need to give out your private home address to anyone and don’t need to store unnecessary mail in your house. It also prevents cold callers from turning up on your doorstep interrupting your work and using up your valuable time.

With mail forwarding, you can have all of your important mail scanned and emailed to you to deal with quickly, or alternatively bundled together and forwarded to you in bulk at specific intervals. If you live within travelling distance of our London office location, you can even collect it yourself in person.

Cost saving option

These are just a few fine examples of how using a virtual office service can be a major benefit to a new business. Your services are paid for only on the basis of what you need so you will have no ongoing wages, sick pay or holiday pay to fork out for or any other costs associated with staff hired on a permanent basis within your business. And there is no need to have costly business premises if you don’t need one just to handle the admin tasks associated with your new company.

All these savings will free up spare capital to invest in the future of your business and will help you to continue to build up your business with time saved to focus on the most important elements of being an entrepreneur.

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