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Virtual Office Vs Renting an Office

There is no denying that the digital revolution has changed the face of the common workplace. Work has become a thing you do, and not a place you go to. So this shift in perspective has seen many business owners completely doing away with an office entirely, often saving a small fortune in office space rent payments in the process.

There is no doubt that ditching a bricks and mortar physical office in favour of a virtual office can save you a lot of rent money, but there are also more benefits and savings to be had over and above the costs of renting office space.

When many small businesses start up for the first time, they can often find that the costs of renting a physical office space to use as their headquarters can be more expensive than their whole advertising and marketing budget for the year. Not to mention the added costs of insurance on top.

There are also other factors to consider, such as the costs of heating and maintaining a rented office space, as well as the regular utility bills to pay for, such as gas, electric and water, telecommunications and the internet.

Rent, power, salaries – it all adds up!

How Virtual Offices can save you money

When you hire a virtual office, essentially all you will be paying out for is the hire of the staff to answer your business calls, a prestigious address to use on your company literature and correspondence, and a mail sorting service to weed out your important pieces of post from all the non-essential junk.

Hiring virtual office staff is very different to hiring a permanent employee for your company. For a start, with a virtual office service you will be getting a professional person to answer your calls in an appropriate, polite and friendly manner using a greeting of your choosing. However, you will never need to worry about finding cover for your telephone receptionist should they go on holiday of be off work sick, as there will always be a fully qualified replacement at hand to step in and continue to provide you with a seamless and smooth operation.

Then there is the matter of having to provide a permanent staff member with a workplace pension, paid holiday entitlement, sickness, maternity or paternity pay and expenses. With a virtual service, you simply pay one simple low-cost, value for money service charge. What could be easier?

You may be thinking that using a virtual office instead of a real-world office may make your business look a lot less professional than another company with an office. In most cases you will find that your business clients really don’t care because at the end of the day you will be passing those savings on to them through your much more competitively priced service than your rivals with an office to pay for can offer them. In business, bottom lines count across the board, regardless of the size of the company.

Create a positive company image, without the glass doors

If you were at all worried about the sort of image you would present, don’t forget that although you are hiring a virtual office service, that office really does exist in the real world and operates in a professional manner with real-life people at the helm. The advantage being that you get to access a truly top-notch service with highly qualified and experienced staff without having to pay through the nose to afford.

Don’t forget though that you can have a successful mixture of both! There is nothing stopping you from hiring a small office space to use as your base and hiring your own permanent staff to work there. However, you could base your core staff of engineers or designers etc. at your physical office, and outsource the day to day admin tasks of running an office to a virtual office service.

This can be a great idea for a growing business that wants to build their team of specialists within a central location, but not have them bothered by, or dealing with day to day admin tasks that could distract them from their work.

Choosing a trustworthy service

It is undeniable that trust is an essential element to making an office-less business work for you. You need to be able to put complete trust into your virtual office service providers that operate a remote team of professionals.

This is where Your Virtual Office can be the perfect solution for your needs. We offer a professional service that completely understands your business and objectives. We communicate clearly with you right from day one to establish your expectations and how we can seamlessly fit into your business operations.

Our London-based team is highly experienced, having been based in City Road since 1971, we understand how businesses operate and have helped many countless client expand and reach their goals.

Trust is important in business

Costs are important too

We understand that you may have a very limited budget to work with, so lets do a little bit of comparison work here. Physical office rent prices vary significantly depending on the area in which you wish to choose to set up. Prices can differ greatly, even within the same city, particularly when looking at London for example.

An average cost for a fully serviced office in London would set you back anything from £400 to over £1,000 per month, depending on the area. This is for a modest-sized office space, so anything larger will command a higher rental price. Prices in parts of Knightsbride and South Kensington will fall into the upper end of prices per month when compared to more affordable areas, such as the Elephant and Castle, for example.

Rented serviced office space in London usually comes in an open plan design with plenty of social common space and kitchen areas, so you are looking at around 130sq.ft per employee. The average price per desk for a serviced office in London would set you back £1,000 in Green Park or Knightsbridge, £850 for Tottenham Court Road, and £400 for Edgware Road or Elephant & Castle.

London prices can be costly

Let’s compare that with the costs of hiring a complete virtual office service from Capital Office based in the heart of London’s business district.

With our complete virtual office services, you can enjoy a very cost-effective way of impressing your clients with the use of our highly sought after business address to use as your own. Your business address can be: Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX and you can use this address on all of your business paperwork.

Our experienced team of mail sorters will carefully receive and manage your incoming business mail and forward it on to an address of your choosing at a frequency that suits your needs.

The costs of employing a full-time PA / receptionist for your business can cost you thousands of pounds per year for their salary, plus extra costs such as holiday pay, sickness pay and workplace pension contributions. With our service you get the use of a professional and experienced virtual PA telephone answering service and you can choose an 0207 or 0203 telephone number for your company – you will never miss a single business call again!

Here are some of the main benefits of using our Complete Virtual Office service that you don’t have to pay any extra for:

  • Unlimited Calls – Professional Call Answering
  • Free 2-hour Meeting Room use – more with the 12 month plan
  • 5 Page Business Website – with the Platinum package
  • Receive unlimited letters
  • Private and confidential service
  • Worldwide post forwarding
  • Instant address activation
  • Online Customer Portal
  • Scan and view post service

Compare our complete virtual office prices with what you would need to spend on office rental alone in central London:

  • Bronze Three-month package: £120.00 (including free 2 hour meeting room use)
  • Silver Six-month package: £217.50 (including free 2 hour meeting room use)
  • Gold Twelve-month package: £367.50 (including free 4 hour meeting room use)
  • Platinum Twelve-month package: £467.50 (including 4 hour meeting room use and free 5-page business website)

So you can see how hiring a Complete Virtual Office solution from Capital Offices makes sense financially, but also professionally when you want to create a prestigious image for your company while delivering your clients with a flawless service.

Why not contact us here to see how we can help you achieve your dreams of success.

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