The UK`s economy has strongest growth in the G7.

The United Kingdom`s economy posted the fastest growth in the G7. It`s predicted that the economy will grow quicker than any other economy in the G7 in 2014. The UK`s GDP will reach 3.1% which is a direct result in capital investment.

In comparison Germany is only expected to grow at 1.8%, the item body has forecasted.

The GDP rose by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2014, this is the fifth consecutive quarter of growth which equated to the longest growth run since the banking crisis. The same people who have forecasted the growth for the UK have also stated that the interest rates would not rise in 2014, remaining at the record low of 0.5%.

Inflation figures post last week did show a large increase to 1.9% in June, which was up from 1.5% in May. It convinced many that the Bank of England would raise rates in order to curb the inflation. However the same people who have predicted the UK`s growth have suggested that inflation rates were over pessimistic, and that they actual inflation on wages was only 0.7% which did exclude bonuses.

If inflation is low and the UK has a strong pound, combined with risks from the Eurozone would suggest caution in any interest rate rise.

There is also some great news for workers, it is predicted that real incomes will actually grow over inflation over the next two years.

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