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Trends that will influence business in 2015

Trends that will influence business in 2015

A company that wants to succeed, regardless of size, must be kept current and know what is happening around them to understand how changes in their environment can affect it. It`s important for business men and women to watch for corporate trends of 2015, which represent invaluable information to develop their brand.

Here we present a few of this year`s trends:

1. The incursion of generation Z. The business world will be permeated by those of 20 or 21 years, members of the so-called Generation Z. These begin to transcend the world of work with Generation Y (Millennials). The difference between them is that the percentage of those born after 1993 (55%) show the conviction of creating their own businesses and create jobs.

2. Promotion of creative enterprises. With the addition of generation Z’s businesses, supporting innovative projects and creative businesses will be a trend worthy of consideration. The “Z`s” show a greater willingness to take risks, so it is not surprising that they love the funding model “crowdfunding“.

3. Failure has established itself as a source of learning. Business conditions are continually transformed and corporate leaders have to adapt to them to remain standing. Failure is part of that process and, as such, should not cause embarrassment, but to become an uplifting experience – even an honourable one. This thought permeates the corporate universe this 2015.

4. Mobility. Technology will trend in 2015, especially the mobile variety. With corporate members of the Z generation, the mobile phenomenon will accentuate its impact on the world, concentrating on portable devices to perform any type of action. This is not just to talk about searches, entertainment or payments, but to manage the operation of thousands of objects remotely.

5. Shared mentality. There will be an increase in willingness to share, collaborate and even transform to some extent, trade relations. The propensity to rent instead of buying products will become apparent in the New Year.

6. Protection of privacy. Young people will act more cautiously in providing information to businesses and to manage social media. Your goal will be to keep their privacy safe.

7. Unprecedented Experiences. More and more people, especially those associated with the Z generation, look to get rid of the monotony and everyday stress experiences in a creative and extravagant way. This requires companies to design strategies with a dual approach, i.e. to create mechanisms to provide such customers with shopping experiences and memorable services, as well as best serving this age group to staff working conditions.

8. Geographical mobility. Newcomers to the business sphere will show their desire to grow professionally, not only locally, but in the international environment. This will be a growing trend as many young people search far afield for work or to undertake corporate projects.

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