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Need to know: is an annual return different to a company tax return?

Need to know: is an annual return different to a company tax return?

Yes these are two obligations bestowed upon companies which are a legal requirement. In this article we will look meticulously as what is needed and when you need to act upon this.

I have a limited company do I need to be aware of an annual return?

If you run a Limited company you will need to understand the legal requirements that are necessary in order for your company to run legally. An annual return is a legal requirement, this is snap shot of your companies` information, this is required at least once every 12 months and needs to be updated if major changes have taken place. The annual return is a publicly available record and provides Companies House and the public with key information.

Key features of an Annual Return

  • Provides a comprehensive view of how the company is set out
  • Substantiates who runs the company in the form of directors and shareholders details
  • It confirms the registered office address of the company
  • It will confirm the secretaries` details if there is one allocated
  • Compulsory every 12 months, and are due 28 days from the anniversary of the company incorporation

Do I need to complete a tax return?

If you run a limited company then you are legally required to complete a tax return. It`s a legal requisite from HMRC that facilitates a tax calculation to be performed on the financial figures produced from the companies trading. The director of the company is normally responsible for ensuring the statutory tax return is completed, if this is overlooked the company will amass fines and will ultimately be struck off if the notices are ignored.

How to find out when my tax return date is

You can find out when your tax return date is by using the Web Check system for companies house, this is a free online service and it provides insightful information about any Limited Company including your own. This is different to an annual return; the tax return provides more detailed financial information regarding your company`s financial trading. It is used to determine how much corporation tax is owed. An annual return is required by Companies House; a tax return is required by HMRC and then is submitted to Companies House so that they can list this on the company register for public access.

You will need to either type your company name or company number in the search field. You will then be presented with a list of companies, select your company. On the next screen you will see the snap shot information including the accounts due date.

Key features of an Annual Return

  • Legal requirement normally every 12 months,
  • Your accounts due date can be found online via the Web Check service
  • The tax return is for HMRC, need for tax computation to establish if any tax is due

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