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Statistics emphasise recovery of British companies

The British recovery is here and staying

The Office for National Statistics said the UK economy in the three months to June rose by 0.6%, meaning good news for UK businesses. Tucked into the new publishing efforts for Companies House, there`s further good news for 2012/13. Although the UK also showed some signs of its recent illness, it is a good forecast for UK plc.

The new company establishments often regarded as a proxy for optimism in the economy is still growing. The 479,500 inclusion in Great Britain in 2012 exceeded the previous highlights from 443,800 in 2007, before the financial crisis took its toll on the confidence of those who were considering setting up a new business. The newest data has extra good news, with the installation of 40,082 newly formed companies in June – almost 11% more than in the same month in 2012.

Although the number of companies that did not dissolve in the previous year has continued at a steady drip, the crisis seems to have levelled out. Since increasing the involvement of more than a small increase in dissolutions, average growth in the industry suggests that the number of new businesses is higher than at any point since the beginning of the financial crisis.

This also means that today a record number of companies are active in the UK. Although a small number are to be taken out of the equation, for the first time, there are more than 3,000,000 British companies in the housing register. Most of these are recently established companies.

47.5% of enterprises in the current register were produced from the beginning of the financial crisis – with 1,446,300 establishing a new incorporation from the beginning of 2008. That there are far fewer older companies is partly explained by sheer numbers being dissolved in 2007, when the economic situation in the whole of business proved so difficult.

However, there are many people who have started a new company in this challenging environment. While many of these will be created out of necessity, especially for owners displaced by other company`s problems, there are also many examples of people who suggest opportunities for business and are not afraid to be followed by the creation of new businesses.

Some of the best companies are formed in an economy where there is so much emphasis on budget control and getting the basics right. They are more likely to be small and agile, able to respond quickly to opportunities and threats in the competitive environment. They also tend to deal with the owner of the business where managers are shareholders in all interest in efforts to bring in business success.

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