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Protecting your Limited Company from the Risk of Fraud

You have worked hard to build up your company from scratch, so it is understandable that you will want to do everything in your power to protect it from threats, including fraud.

It pays to be very cautious in business, so lets take a look at ways you can protect your company from the risks posed by fraudsters and other unsavoury characters and their dodgy business practices.

Protect your home address from fraudsters

You will want to keep your home address private and completely separate from your business activities wherever possible. Not only will keeping your private address and your company address separate help avoid unwanted characters turning up unannounced on your doorstep to pressure you into signing up for something you don’t really need, it will also help to keep your home from being inundated with tiresome junk mail and sales letters.

Having someone turn up on your doorstep can often be intimidating, especially if you are working at home alone. It is easy to remove your personal home address from the public record by simply changing your official Registered Office Address or your Company Service Address to a different one, such as our Central London EC1 address, through a Registered Office Address service.

You can save yourself the added headache of receiving piles of unwanted junk mail flowing through your front door too by using a mail handling service. For example, choosing one of our London Office Address packages with mail forwarding services means that you can easily have your company post coming to us instead of your home. You can then choose to either call in and collect your mail in person should you be in London regularly, or we can arrange to have it forwarded to you at your chosen address as frequently as you require.

The added benefit of using our London Address Services is that you are free to use our prestigious City road EC1 address on your business stationery and correspondence. Our address is in the heart of the London Business District, so using this as your company address will automatically give your business a lot of credence and an air of professionalism to your customers and business peers.

Remember that if your business is registered with your home address, then this will be on display in the Companies House public register for all to see. One of the safest steps you can take is to get you private residential address off public records and safely protected behind a professional Address Service such as ours.

Sign up for PROOF

PROOF is a government initiative run through Companies House. PROOF stands for PROtected Online Filing and means that you will be registering for a secure online account with Companies House to perform all of your company updates. This means that no fraudsters can submit physical paperwork and paper forms to try and alter your company details. For example, it would prevent anyone with a grudge against you or your company from submitting false Confirmation Statements, appoint bogus company officers or resign directors or officers, or change your registered office address so they can access your confidential mail etc. and generally cause chaos to your company that you really don’t need.

By joining the PROOF scheme, you will prevent this major threat to your business as any changes to your company information can only be made securely online. PROOF is free to join, so it would pay you to get your business signed up without costing you anything.

Protect your WebFiling Code

Your WebFiling Authentication Code is something else that you need to keep safe and away from prying eyes. This code acts as your password to access your online account with Companies House. Should anyone get hold of this code then they could make unwanted changes to your company details that are registered with Companies House.

Should you suspect that your WebFiling code has been stolen or you have lost it, then you can contact Companies House to report this. You do have the option to change your authentication code to something more memorable if you wish, but if you intend to do this you should make sure your new code is completely unique and is something that cannot be easily guessed or worked out by others.

Visit the Companies House website if you need to change or cancel your WebFiling code.

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