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Is a Virtual Office the Right Choice for you?

A virtual office is what you need…?

In previous articles we’ve talked about the benefits a virtual work space can offer; since we know that operating a physical office can cost big money, not just to pay the rent, but also to equip it. This may be an unnecessary expense, especially if your working model does not require a physical office.

Today, thanks to new forms of communication, it is easier to run a business from anywhere in the world, even from home. For entrepreneurs this is one of the best options to start a business because they do not require you to pay rent, or telephone services, internet, electricity etc. because you already have them in your own home. However, although using this method of working can bring many benefits, primarily economic, you can also have disadvantages. The main one is that it can reflect an unprofessional image to your clients or potential investors.

The use of virtual offices is not new, because in places like the United States and Europe, this model of work has been used for more than 15 years. But what makes this so popular among SMEs and entrepreneurs is that it can give you everything that a physical office gives, but without the office. In the world there are thousands of companies that offer virtual office service, which will get benefits such as answering calls, managing your correspondence and mainly commercial and fiscal use of an address. Another advantage is that you have a choice between hundreds of prime locations.


  • How to know if a virtual office is what I need?

This is one of the most common questions among entrepreneurs and small businesses. If what you want is to give formality to your business without the need to spend large sums of money, then a virtual office is the best option, since the monthly cost of a virtual workspace is usually between £40 and £200. The price will depend on what your business needs. It`s just a matter of comparing between all options offered by the current market.

If you started with a physical office you can also step into a virtual office, you only need to identify your working method, how much time you spend in the office; you need to have a physical space in the right place to reflect the image you want. The reason is because even a space that is totally yours, if not located in the correct place or not equipped properly, will simply not give the necessary confidence to your customers.

This is where the use of a virtual office again comes in. As  most of the business centres allow you to use their facilities as a meeting room so you can have meetings with your customers, imagine the image you will reflect when your clients cites a major corporate building, this is something most business centres can offer you.


  • Virtual Office: No more traffic to get to work

The big problem we suffer daily in virtually every city in the world is the problem of traffic, which makes your daily commute time last longer than an hour or even more. This doesn`t even take into consideration the extra time it may take if there is any construction on our way.

This has been one of the main reasons why many professionals, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises have chosen to use virtual offices. There are many success stories where people work mainly at home or in public places like cafes and do not require a traditional office, but the services have commonly, this is the perfect case for using virtual offices.

That’s why we emphasise the use of this model business for a decade has grown by leaps and bounds around the world, allowing you to have a secretary, a physical address, receiving mail and even allows you to use the facilities if required. And best of all is that a virtual office will cost up to 90% less than physical office and with the same services.

If you work alone or you usually do at home, the best option is to hire a virtual office because it will allow you to continue working from anywhere you want but with the assurance that someone will be able to take your messages and answer your customers` calls. Plus they have an office which gives a much more professional image to your business and help you close more deals with your customers.

The business trend of the past year clearly showed that thousands of people have started opting for virtual offices, as currently, there are dozens of companies` business centres that offer this service, many of which have offices in major cities, so it is certain that there will always be a virtual office near you.


  • Defining Virtual Office

Today, we have started this site which is dedicated to providing the most useful and relevant information about virtual office, this site will find everything related to business centres around the world.

The definition of virtual office can be described as a virtual and intangible place which business tasks are carried out as if it were a physical office. Mainly virtual offices are focused on serving customers, i.e. a virtual office can offer products and services without the use of traditional media, which can be much more efficient, since customers can access the information or services 24 hours a day.

What is a virtual office? Virtual offices are mainly focused on multinationals, medium and small enterprises as well as for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to reduce costs and have an address for their company or business. Virtual offices are very common to have a presence in several places, without the need for a physical space, which often tends to be very expensive.

One of the great advantages in addition to those already mentioned, is that you run a business from anywhere in the world, with a virtual office and have a place where your customers can communicate without the need to use a virtual office. Currently, virtual office service can be hired at much lower costs compared to maintaining a physical place.

Today, there are thousands of companies of services such as business centres that offer virtual office packages to suit the needs of their customers and many of them allow you to make use of conference rooms and physical places to receive your customers.

Undoubtedly, choosing a virtual office if you are starting with your business or if you want to have presence in other cities is a major move. This is because it can help you reduce cost to the minimum compared with a virtual office.

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