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Invest in generational mentoring and avoid problems in your business

One of the challenges for startups and companies today is to facilitate the coexistence and collaboration of several generations in the same virtual workspace. The question is: how to make different ways of thinking follow the same direction?

Today, at least four generations share the same workspace: Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. Each has features and diametrically opposed conceptions of the world, but at work, they must combine their skills and talents for the success of the company for which they work.

This raises the importance of such mechanisms as so-called ‘mentoring schemes‘, which aim to build synergies between members of a company which strengthen their organisational culture. Also, it transforms differences into a competitive advantage and not a source of conflicts.

The foundation of mentoring is to promote mutual learning; i.e. the more experienced colleagues infuse their knowledge younger staff, while they inject freshness and the desire to evolve.
Overall, mentoring programs offer the following benefits:

– Transfer of knowledge, values and efficient practices.
– Accumulation of intellectual capital.
– Speedy integration of new talent.
– Retention of the human factor.
– Cohesion of equipment and training of leaders.
– Increased productivity.

Therefore, it is essential that companies invest in a trained mentor, who not only has credentials in human management but who knows in detail how to advise businesses and industry.
The tutor must work with those responsible for human resources in companies and preferably show the following qualities:

– Listening.
– Assertive communication.
– Deep knowledge of guidance and motivation.
– Knowledge of various industries.
– Commitment to human development.
– Experiences for sharing.

If you have problems in your business to create bonds among your employees from different generations, you must remember that if your staff are not aligned with the values and goals of your company, it will struggle to succeed. This is because in the end its production capacity depends on the people within it.