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Improve Working Meetings within your organisation

Improve Working Meetings within your organisation

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Improve working meetings in your company

The general perception of employees in a company is that a working meeting can be tedious; it will last a long time and will have little effect, since the conversation invariably departs from the main objective.

However, you can change your employee`s personal thoughts on the meetings in your company if you modify just the first and last five minutes. It`s a well-known phenomenon, used by stand-up comedians who must ensure a strong start and to also end in the same way. Therefore, we recommend you try and apply the following recommendations to the meetings of your business to allow them more interaction and stimulate the interest from your staff.

Set the example

If your goal is that the staff of your company show genuine interest and energy, you must be the first to show these characteristics from the time you head to the boardroom. In case at the start of the meeting you encounter a negative environment, lead with your body language and tone of voice and stay focused. If you have come prepared, you should be able to reconnect the group.

Make eye contact with everyone

It is common for each meeting to start with the leader reading the topics and for others to perhaps read too, without making eye contact between them.
The challenge at this point is to meet up face to face with your employees, so one of the priorities of the board should be to build and maintain understanding, so that collaboration can be always healthy. To overcome this point, we recommend allocating no more than three minutes to explain the reasons why you met and make eye contact with each of the participants.

Follow up

Before ending the meeting, make sure your team know the steps and instead delegate or say who is responsible for what; ask everyone to say a few words about what they are responsible for. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and gives you an opportunity to listen and observe.
When a person speaks, pay attention to what they say and how they say it. Do you really understand the idea? Is your body language congruent with what they say?

Recognise the work of others

For your company to have a positive culture, you need to recognise the work of each of the members of your team, so the recognition and rewards should be on your to-do list for each meeting. You can always find someone who is doing a good job. Say, “I love the attitude Mark” or “Thank you for your valuable contributions Beth.” This positive language can generate very positive results. It is important that the meeting leaves on an optimistic note.

Ending where you started

It is imperative that you have an idea of what you will say before the end of the meeting. The idea is that closing arguments reflect the opening, so it must reinforce the vision and the bigger picture.

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