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How Web Designers can be More Productive by using Virtual Office Services

As a professional web designer or developer, you will need to dedicate a lot of your time and concentration to your work. While it is great to see the results of your marketing efforts to attract more business are working, it can be difficult to consistently answer your income business calls and new enquiries.

So, what do you do? Well, if you are working solo, then you might consider hiring an office where you can employ a full-time receptionist to take your business calls and deal with other aspects of your admin, such as handling your business post.

While this may seem like quite a costly option to take, you realise that having a business premises and a dedicated receptionist can really help to boost your business image and reputation.

However, there is a way to get all of the benefits of an improved business profile, having all of your business calls professionally handled and your business mail sorted without actually paying out for premises or hiring full-time staff.

Using virtual office services is a low-cost, efficient and effective way to quickly deal with your incoming calls and business mail so you don’t have to. Hiring the services of a virtual office, such as those offered by Your Virtual Office, can free-up your time considerably allowing you to concentrate on your work without constant interruptions.

The extra added benefits of using virtual office services over renting your own premises (other than financial) is that you will not have to waste your time performing necessary – yet very boring – operational tasks, such as cleaning and office maintenance, or paying someone to do these for you.

If you are trying to keep your business outgoings down to a minimum so that you can afford to pay yourself a decent salary, then you seriously need to consider outsourcing some of your everyday essential admin tasks to professionals who can handle things for you.

How do virtual offices work?

If you have never hired a virtual service before, you may be wondering exactly how virtual offices work. Well, a virtual office is exactly like any regular bricks-and-mortar office in the real world. The only difference is that you are not paying out huge sums of money for business premises or staff. Instead, you get to pay a low-cost fee for hiring the professional services of experienced receptionists to handle your incoming business calls and have your mail sorted for you.

You also get to claim a prestigious Central London Office Address as your own! How this works is that you are given a London based business mailing address and telephone number. You can use this address and phone number on your business cards, website and other business paperwork giving the impression that you have an office in the heart of London’s business district. Very impressive!

As well as this, you will get a dedicated and very professional live receptionist that will take your business calls on your behalf. Your receptionist will answer your business calls with your business name and preferred greeting, so your caller will think they are speaking to your very own company receptionist.

Your prospective new business clients will never need to know where you work from, so if you choose to keep you outgoings low by working from your home office, or you prefer to be mobile and work at your clients business premises, they will think that you have a professional office in the heart of London.

Better productivity

Virtual office services really come into their own when you are pushed for time and need to get a job finished. You can get your head down and concentrate on completing your work without the worry about missing out on important phone calls or missed opportunities from new clients.

Your levels of productivity can be greatly enhanced when you can take away the worry about answering your phone. You can work more comfortably and confidently knowing that you will not have your concentration broken by a ringing phone, but also that all of your calls are being managed professionally while you work.

You are also not tied to your desk when you use virtual office services. Should you decide to work from a different location, take in a trade show or update your design skills with a training course, you can be confident that no business call is going unanswered in your absence.

Can I really afford this?

Yes you can! Virtual office services are really cost-effective. For example, if you are operating as a sole trader or small partnership, you may well be working on a tight budget. Using our Call Answering Services for example, you will only be paying from as little as £6.19 per week for a professional live receptionist to take your calls. Compare that with paying the salary of a full-time receptionist you employ yourself – plus the cost of renting out office space, business insurance, office furniture and IT infrastructure etc. You can see what a wise decision this is!


With virtual office services on your side, you can grow and expand your business without having the costly effort of office relocation, employing extra staff and having to deal with building Health & Safety regulations etc.

Your virtual office services can grow and expand with you, so you can add extra services as and when you need them in the future. Just one simple call and you are set up in minutes! What’s not to love about these services?

Contact us today so we can help get your own virtual office set up in minutes!

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