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Give your Company More Prestige with our Fully Equipped Meeting Rooms

In a day and age where more and more small businesses are entering the market and have to remain competitive, renting office space may seem impossible to afford, especially in convenient locations with good transport links. As a small business owner, you may be asking yourself, “How can I set myself apart from my competitors? What can give me an edge with my clients?”. The answer is probably more simple than you think: an affordable, luxury, fully equipped meeting room from Capital Office, situated in the very heart of London’s business district itself.

Benefits to your bottom line

The most immediate benefits of hiring any virtual office services we provide is having a ready-made, unbranded meeting room facility where one doesn’t need to go through the hassle of setting up a whole new office from the ground up.

The extra issues of purchasing modern-looking furniture and expensive IT equipment to fit out your rented office space are also worries that you don’t need to add to your already busy schedule or try to stretch your budget to afford. With a pre-equipped, high quality state of the art meeting room at your fingertips, you can invite your most important clients in for meetings and have a comfortable and impressive place to hold meet and greets, contract negotiations or to broker deals.

Featuring a luxurious professional environment and equipment such as whiteboards, a widescreen monitor, fibre optic broadband and much more, Capital Office offers fully equipped and catered for meeting rooms that are sure to impress even the sharpest of your clientele.

You can take look at our professional meeting rooms online here.

One reason why sole traders and solo entrepreneurs struggle with their bottom line is because the business sector can be so expensive to work within. When you add up the cost of setting up a typical office along with a plush meeting room that you may very rarely need to use, there would be very little money left to invest in your business to help it grow and succeed. The ongoing costs of rent, utilities, insurance cover and staffing costs are also going to be a constant drain on your finances.

The more cost-effective alternative is of course to hire one of our plush meeting rooms. The added benefit of doing this is that our modern meeting rooms are completely unbranded, giving the impression that this room is actually yours. We even supply you with professional staff to greet your clients and service the meeting room for you, and all in our conveniently situated Central London building in the heart of the business district.

Cost-effective virtual office services

With Capital Office, you’re treated to a flexible package and can make great use of a number of different virtual office services along with our professional meeting rooms all with an official address in the heart of breathtaking London, and all at a very reasonable price.

One of many reasons to use Capital Office is that the state of the art meeting rooms we supply are completely unbranded, and feature a fast Wi-Fi connection absolutely free of charge. Capital Office works hard to make sure that prices remain affordable, with their sleek six-person meeting room available for a full business day at a bargain price of £90. Capital Office also offers flexible time-based packages, with prices as low as £20 for a full hour in a four-person room.

First impressions count in business

We all know how important it is for your business when you need to impress an important client or business partner. Capital Office meeting room hire includes a professionally trained receptionist at no extra cost to you. This is perfect if you have a tight schedule, as the receptionist will happily meet and greet your clients if, for whatever reason, you should be running late. Other incentives include air conditioning in six-person rooms and free refreshments including tea and coffee.

So, in an age of expensive offices and numerous overhead costs, it may be time for you to consider a flexible meeting room package with Capital Office.

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