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How to get credibility when starting your business

Part 1: How to gain credibility when starting your business

One concern when you have your own business is how to get credibility and prestige, especially when you’re starting. This is because there is much emphasis on the importance of positioning yourself as an expert, to stand out from the others and especially to create credibility online, which always costs more.

More than anything, you should not have any limiting beliefs when you’ve just started. “I`m not enough of an expert”, “I have to be this or do that”, “I cannot compete with the competition”, etc. These are typical negative thoughts that block you and will not let you advance in your profession. Worse, they do not allow you to help others as well as you could.

So how do you get that credibility, how do you feel more sure of yourself and offer your services with confidence?

You can get credibility with the four key factors:

1: Experience

If you’re going to spend on a particular area, your own experience gives you a lot of credibility and helps you to help others going through the same situation. For example, people seek out help from others in their field, thus gaining experience every time.

The same goes for those who want a business promoting online services. Your personal history is key to giving you credibility. Another example of a credible path is that of becoming a coach. This is an experience that attracts many people who want to do the same thing, gain knowledge in a field and then pass it on to others. This is a perfect example of how to use your own experience and history to be credible, without the need to invent anything.

When you form a strong emphasis on coaching, you do not necessarily need plenty more knowledge or experience than your customers. It is built upon self belief and when it comes to positioning yourself, a person can identify and be interested with your career, meaning they will trust you.

2: Training

Training gives you credibility and builds trust for the simple reason that you learn specific skills that can help your customers. Training is important whenever you have a clear goal and you can use it to increase your credibility. Just do not you fall into the common mistake of talking about yourself and your titles too much, because your customers care about what you can do for them, not how many masters you have.

3: Specialisations

The more you like to specialise in something, the easier it will be to excel, stand out, position yourself and charge more for your services. Being specialised in a topic or a specific group makes people prefer you immediately. Who doesn`t want someone skilled in the area they`re interested in?
For example, if you are a scientist and want a coach, what catches your eye – a coach for everyone or one who specialises in science? In a world oversaturated with information, expertise is power.

4: Evidence

This is probably the most important point of all, on which all the others hinge on. If you have evidence of customers you have helped and achieved their goals, then this gives you instant credibility. Of course, there are always people who think you can invent testimonials and so it is recommended to have full names, photos, etc. Having helped others who were in the same situation is the final proof that you are a good professional.

And how do you get testimonials? First, don`t squander the opportunity to take a testimonial every time. But mostly, by simply being a good professional, because the important thing is that you are good at what you do. It is the real key to everything.

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