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Company Secretary FAQ’s

Is a company secretary necessary?

As of the 6th April 2008 privately held companies will no longer be required to have a company secretary. If the company was formed before this date and they wish to remove the secretary they can do so via the Form TM02.

Can I have just one director and no company secretary?

You can now have a sole director as long as it`s a natural person (not a company), a secretary is no longer a requirement.

If I have a secretary does this need to be a natural person or can I have a corporate secretary?
The new rules allow a secretary to be a corporate entity, only the sole director needs to be a natural person.

Will I need to amend the company Articles?

You will need to change the Company Articles if there is a reference to the Limited Company having a secretary and you no longer want one. If the Articles only refer to the duties of the secretary there is no requirement for the amendment.

When I change the company articles with the new amendment what if any documentation do I need to submit to Companies House?

You will need to submit a written or special resolution along with the latest amended version of the company Articles.

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