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How to change your Ltd Company name?

Changing my Limited Company name

Sometimes a company owner will need to change the name of the company due to various reasons. It may be that the name is no longer appropriate due to the nature of the new services provided, or it may be that the company is rebranding to help with growth. Whatever the reason, it is normally important that the trading history and the amount of time the company has been trading is kept on record.

How can I change my company name after incorporation?

There are a number of different methods you can change your name by. Once the name change has been rectified you will need to notify Companies House with the change of name forms and any resolution court orders with any payable fees.

  1. By resolution of directors
  2. By resolution of the directors
  3. By special resolution
  4. By means provided for by the company`s articles
  5. By Tribunal or the High Court

Once the name change has gone through, you will be issued with a new certificate of incorporation for the name change.

How can I change my company name via special resolution method

You can change the company name by using the special resolution method in a general company meeting, 75% of shareholders are needed to agree the change of name in order for it to legally be processes. In order to then progress the name change, you will need to use the FORM NM01 to notify Companies House, along with the copy of the resolution.

How to change my company name by special resolution condition upon some event

In some circumstances your company will be able to change its name when a satisfaction of a condition is met. When this happens, the Companies House form NM02 must be used for your company name change, it will need to inform if the resolution condition has been met. Your company will then also inform Companies House using the NM03 form when the condition has been satisfied along with the resolution. Once this has been completed, you will receive a certificate of incorporation for the name change.

How to change the name of the company through the provided company`s articles.

It is important to make sure that you can change the name of the company via the company`s articles of association. If you are unable to change the name through the articles of association, you can amend the article before going through with the name change. To change the name using this method the Companies House NM04 form is used.

Change of name by tribunal through the court

This name change is normally carried out by the Company Names Tribunal where a name has infringed another companies name, this can be accidental, however it is taken seriously. Similar names can often be seen to mislead customers by suggesting they are the same or that there is a connection between the two companies involved. In these circumstances, a tribunal will be heard and the adjudicator will decide on the outcome.

Your Virtual Office London provides free expert advice to all clients, if you are not sure on which method applies to you, feel free to contact us. We provide impartial and expert advice, we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to forming Limited Companies. All advice is free and there are absolutely no obligations to take out any services with us.

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