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A Guide to National Insurance

A Guide to National Insurance

National Insurance or NI is the system where a person pays in money in order to receive certain benefits if they qualify for them.  One that we all eventually receive is the state pension while others could be unemployment payments or payments when you are on a...
A Guide to National Insurance

Guide to Director’s Address Service

There are a number of responsibilities involved with being the director of a limited company, regardless of how involved you are with the day to day running.  One of these is part of the registration as a company and involves your address.  This guide...
A Guide to National Insurance

Guides to Company Formations Service

The process of creating a registered company is known as ‘company formation’ and is an essential step to having your own business, whether it is a small, medium or large enterprise.  There are important steps that must be taken to establish a business...
A Guide to National Insurance

A Guide to Income Tax

If there’s two things that are a certainty in life it is that we die and that we pay taxes.  In fact, the idea of income tax has been around since 1798 when a prime minister brought in the measure to raise money for the country, originally in the short...
A Guide to National Insurance

Guide to Companies Limited by Guarantee

A limited company is a relatively normal and popular type of company formation that includes shareholders who own a number of shares within the company. Regular shareholders within a limited company usually purchase shares in the hope of profiting from them. However,...
A Guide to National Insurance

A Guide to Corporation Tax

There are many things to remember when you form a limited company and during the course of trading as a business.  One of the most important ones concerns tax and top of the list of taxes to be paid is corporation tax.  But what is it, when is it due and how...

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