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What does your business do?

We are a ticket agency selling tickets for concerts/sports worldwide.

Why should someone choose your business?

If you’re busy or in need of some special kind of tickets we are here to assist you in that matter and make sure you get what you wish in time to have a great experience.

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How has Capital Office’s service benefited your business?

It does help us a lot collecting and redistributing tickets as we got a lot of customers in the UK while we are based in Germany. Therefore its possible to offer our service in the UK at a better service.


Would you recommend Capital Office to other businesses, if so why?

Definitely, if you got a business in the UK or abroad the staff is very helpful and it comes in very handy to have a place where your post gets collected and can be redistributed in a fast manner. Most important is that the service is reliable (which is not true for a lot of other companies offering similar services).