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How does our call answering service work?

Never miss another call with Your Virtual Office London telephone answering services

If you run a home office in London or anywhere else in the country, the chances are you will not be at your desk 24/7 all year-round. Have you ever missed a call from an important client that you really wanted to talk to? This can not only be frustrating, it can damage your reputation as a legitimate business. How much do you think missed calls have cost you in profits so far this year? Experts predict that thousands of pounds are potentially lost through missed calls that could have secured deals, finalised prices or delivered you some sales. People these days want immediate attention, and immediate results. If you are not available to answer their call, chances are they will go elsewhere to do business. Can you afford not to have a professional call service attached to your company?

With a professional telephone answering service, you will never again miss your important calls. You will receive your very own dedicated London number that you can give out to your customers and clients with the confidence that it will always be answered. Your new London based number can be displayed on your company website, business cards, letterhead, etc. When clients and potential customers call your exclusive number, they will be greeted with a friendly and professional voice at the other end, answering in your company name and using your chosen greeting.

For a low fee, you can have your very own bespoke telephone answering service which will handle all of your customer`s inquiries and questions with great clarity and professionalism. You will be notified by email and SMS when you have received a call, so you can call them back at a convenient time to address their concerns or questions. If you would prefer to have your calls directed to you while the client is on the phone, that is an option you can take as well. This way your customer can get their issue addressed immediately, and having a professional receptionist or assistant to answer your calls will give your caller the impression that your company is much larger than it actually is. This will build your reputation as a company that not only cares about their customers, but is also a credible and trustworthy company to do business with.

You can set the exact times and hours that you want your answering service to take your business calls. Whether you want the service just for the evening hours, or you would prefer an all day service, there is a package available that will fit your needs perfectly. Setting up an account with us is fast and simple, and you can be up and running in mere minutes. Many answering services will charge you a set up fee, so you can save even more money by booking your call answering service through us.

A telephone answering service can also be a great asset if you are planning on going on holiday, or you are going to be away for a few days on a business trip. Your service will answer all of your calls and forward your messages to you right away. If you would rather have the messages directed elsewhere, such as to your business partner for example, we can do that for you as well. It takes no time at all to set up your call service, and you can have great peace of mind any time you need to be out of town.

Having a professional answering service can be worth it’s weight in gold, and will make your life so much easier. You can rest assured your calls will be taken while you give yourself a chance to finish important business meetings without interruption or be able to concentrate on other important aspects of your business while all your calls are being taken good care of.

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