Electronic Gadgets cost £100`s more inside the United Kingdom.

This comes from Which? Who suggest British people are getting an unfair deal when compared to products in the US, which are a lot cheaper. UK customers are paying literally hundreds of pounds more for electronic gadgets, when compared to US customers.

The report by Which? Compared prices from various products such as computer software, televisions and other electronics. It concluded that the UK consumer was over paying for many of these products. In once instance Which? has shown that consumers where paying over £400 more for one television from a popular brand. A MacBook was found to be £194 more in the UK when compared to the price in the US.

Which? have said that this is down to the manufactures and that they should play fair and explain exactly which some cost more in other countries. Another issue is the current threshold on import duty, its recommend it should be brought inline with good that`s are purchased online and then brought back into the UK. The threshold at the moment is £135 for electronics purchase online from a country outside the EU however if you travel you can bring in goods with a value of up to £390 without paying any duty.

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