The London Mayor suggests UK can do better outside of the European Union

Boris Johnson, mayor of London has said that Britain could be better of if we “quit” the European Union.

The mayor has made the comments to coincide with a publication of a new report which is expected to say that London`s economy would not really suffer is they did decide to leave the EU.

Boris who is scheduled to make a speech regarding the report on Wednesday is expect to discuss an 8 point outline on how the EU should reform. The plan he has come up with is expected to far exceed any demands being put forward by the prime minister David Cameron, who is also trying to reform the EU. David Cameron is holding a meeting with EU leaders at the summit in Brussels, and is expected to discuss his idea of reform. Boris Johnson is pushing a more rigours reform plan with more pressures which the EU leaders will not be happy about.

This is widely thought to be a political point scorer with Boris expected to stand for a MP in 2015 with a bid for the Conservative leadership in tow; if David Cameron fails to win the general election.

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