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Avoid petty theft in your business

Petty theft is a crime that causes losses in organisations and can be performed by any employee, regardless of their level of seniority or their work role, so it’s important to take extra care and control inputs in companies.

There are two types of frauds that are committed within a company, which are categorised as: breach of trust and petty theft. The latter is a situation that is most often not detected until the end of the year when the inventory is made by companies.

These thefts are committed not only by workers, but can also be made by visitors or suppliers; and areas more susceptible to these problems can be shopping, warehouse and production since that is where the raw materials and inputs of the organisation are managed.

Petty thieves prefer to steal small objects, as these are easier to hide and are less likely to be picked up by surveillance. However, no matter how small the object, each item will have an economic impact for the company.

It is vital that organisations work on their personal values and instilling a sense of belonging to the company, besides them being aware of the damage it can cause to their professional life should this action be discovered.

Recommendations to prevent such theft in organisations are controlling the entry and exit of workers, provide uniform to personnel that do not have large pockets where you can store items. Also, preventing or monitoring entry with backpacks or bags to places where products are produced is a good idea.

Moreover, it is also advisable to periodically perform an inventory of all furniture, stationery and cleaning articles of a company.

Detect the fraudster in your company with the following tips:

• Do not respect the office hours
• Leave work after everyone else
• They usually never take a holiday
• Work late on weekends
• They have an unreliable reputation