Alternatives to using your home address as a registered office address

If you have formed a company you will be aware that you are legally required to provide a registered office address for your company. This is a public available record, which means anyone can search for your registered office address online. This of course can have implications if you use your own residential address.

Why do I have to give a registered office address?

A registered office is for mail correspondence from HMRC and Companies house, you will receive several letters on a yearly basis from companies house and HMRC, including tax notices, company documents and other statuary mail. Its also a legal requirement for any legal action against your company, the address will be used for any legal letters that could be aimed your company if there have been some disputes.

What address can I use?

You can use any UK address, many people who start a company for the first time will use their residential address however you can use a registered office service which we provide. The address service that is provided is real London prestigious address and can be used when forming your company. Our address gives your business credibility as it`s a real London address in location where many businesses operate. Many of our Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnerships choose the registered office address before they form the company as any registered office changes will be listed on public record.

Our service also stops junk and unsolicited mail, it helps to prevent unwanted callers aswell, if you have angry customers they may want to visit your registered office and if you use your residential address it could be very awkward and unprofessional.

We also include free mail forwarding worldwide to any location of your choice, this means any HMRC and Companies House statuary mail will be forwarded on to your location.

Your Virtual Office London

Your Virtual Office London are one of the most experienced company formations and business address service providers in the UK. We have been forming companies since 1971 and fully understand the needs of your fledgling business.

Our London registered office and mail forwarding service is located in a prominent and prestigious commercial area in central London. Our registered office is only £45.00 per annum and we can also provide a real business trading address to complement your registered office address, this costs £92.50 per annum.