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What addresses are needed when forming a Ltd Company

What addresses do I have to provide when I form a Limited Company?

When you incorporate a company for the first time many different addresses are required by Companies House, many of our customers do come to us for clarification. In this article we describe the differences between the registered office address, directors service address, and shareholders address.

What is a registered office address?

The registered office address is a legal requirement from companies house. The address is used by Companies House and HMRC to send official statutory post and documents. The address appears on public record, anyone can search and find this address. The address for many new companies is usually the home residential address as they company has not yet started trading in a commercial property.

What is our registered office address service?

Our service allows you to register an official business address in a prestigious central London location, based in the heart of finance and business district. This will be your companies registered office address. Of course this has many benefits when compared to using your registered office address. One is that the address is private, you do not have to disclose your residential address. Many people prefer to keep their home address of public record for obvious reasons, one mainly is that is prevents unwanted callers turning up un announced when you least expect them.

What is a director`s service address?

The director`s service address is the official address of the director. Again similar to the registered office it`s the address is used by HMRC and Companies House to send official statutory post and documents. Again similar to the registered office, the address is on public record and is searchable. Unlike the registered office address the address can be an address situated in any country across the globe. The address can be the same as the registered office address; however it must not be a PO Box address.

What is our director service address?

Our director`s service address allows you to use our prominent London address in City Road as the director`s service address. Using our address service can help protect your residential address, again like the registered office service, removing your home address from public records can prevent unwanted callers and junk mail. It also helps you look more professional, creating a corporate image that can help increase your businesses profitability.

What is the shareholders correspondence address?

A shareholder is legally required to provide a correspondence address for each of the shareholders, each shareholders address will appear on the public record. The address can be the same as the registered office address and it doesn`t have to be the residential address of the shareholder.

You will need to provide a correspondence address for each of the first shareholders (often called subscribers) in a newly formed company. For each shareholder correspondence address, it`s worth noting that:

Why choose Your Virtual Office London?

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